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First of all, please never mention to your boyfriend (directly/indirectly) that he's paranoid. But, since I knew a paranoid uncle of mine, I might be able to answer your question to some extent.We've been together a year, we were to be engaged, have begun building a life together and are supposed to move in together his life and spread rumors about him. The second month of our relationship, he had me meeting him at work because he thought there were always people watching him when he left the building and he felt they would not follow him when I was there with him.He always seems to think police helicopters and vehicles that flash their lights near him are because he is begin watched.It’s like they are persecuted, targeted and bullied even though you treat them very well.d) Mistrust As I told you suspicious thoughts always leads to extreme mistrust. They scan through the environment for potential threat all the time.

Freaking out that you aren't getting enough attention, or that your partner is taking his or her responsibilities too seriously will only frustrate the both of you and lead to resentment.

For them everything to anything is a potential threat. You cannot even reason with them.b) Jealousy These people get jealous insanely. But they think that are the one who is abused and you are the abuser.

You make a move which is not comfortable for them, they will think you are conspiring against them. In the world of paranoid person, everyone is an oppressor and they are the oppressed.

I tried making a relationship with a girl which went down like a shipwreck.

Every single move you make is a conspiracy against them.

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If you wish to take any kind of corrective steps so as to counter his paranoia (such as asking this question among others), please do not mention about it to him.

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