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Cognitive behavioural therapy, a kind of pyschotherapy, can help improve patients’ ability to handle the pain.‘Aside from that, some simple painkillers can help, and we often prescribe antidepressants mainly because the chemical substances in the brain that control the processing of pain are also the same as those that cause depression.‘These are given at much lower doses than are used to treat depression, though.

Anti-epilepsy drugs have also been shown to be effective.

These work on readjusting the nervous system and reducing sensitivity to light pressure.’One sufferer, Nicki Southwell, 53, runs a fibromyalgia support group.

Nicki, who lives in Carlisle with her husband Merlin, 51, a teacher, says: ‘My symptoms started almost six years ago, with my joints suddenly swelling and feeling very painful.

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Depression and chronic pain often go hand-in-hand – it’s so hard to cope with such grinding discomfort every single day.’‘When a normal individual experiences pain, there is what we call a coping process in the brain that manages it,’ he explains.‘In some patients with fibromyalgia, that process isn’t working properly so their threshold for experiencing pain is much lower.

‘Taking warm baths or exercising in warm water will also help alleviate the pain and tiredness.

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The lifestyle too many of us find ourselves in — besieged by hyper-palatable foods, poor sleep, and too much stress — is not amenable to a simple solution.

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