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If you have serious doubts about the person’s character, or credibility, or ability to do the right thing from now on, then it’s probably time to walk away.

But if this person who has hurt you has previously shown time and again a commitment to you and to your relationship—if this person has earned your trust throughout the time you’ve been together—then you may decide that the person deserves a second chance and that you can offer forgiveness for a momentary lapse. If you can tell that your partner has achieved genuine growth and insight from this painful experience, then you may want to at least hear out your partner’s request for a second chance.

We can carry it with us wherever we go, even into our bedroom and Technology can help us if used correctly.

Some people report a delight in not being reachable.

If this question is coming up in your relationship, the chances are that you two have dealt with some tough issues and experienced some pain together.

And if you’re the one who has been hurt by your partner—maybe by some amount of cheating or lying, or some sort of addiction issue, or even an inability to commit—then you may face a difficult dilemma.

Now that youve ended one relationship, you probably have a much better idea of what youd like to have in the next person you meet.

Happn uses GPS technology to reveal dating profiles by proximity.

Many of us are addicted to our technological devices.

We rely on them too much and we cannot unplug even if we want to.

This concept may finally start conversation with your crush at the gym, office or local coffee shop.

Although the design of the app may remind people of Tinder, the app showcases multiple profiles at once.

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How can you know that has been crossed—the line that means saying no to a second chance?

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