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I broach the subject of our living in the same neighborhood, and I mention that I've seen her around. She uses sarcasm even though she probably knows sarcasm never reads in print.In December 2013 Keri Russell announced that she and her husband of nearly seven years (they married in February 2007) were separated.— if we both weren't used to seeing Russell all the time. That she apparently goes to the same gym as my wife — well, of course she does. She's not the biggest celebrity in the world — she's not even the biggest celebrity in the neighborhood — but she's a celebrity nonetheless and a little attention is usually paid.The actress, famous for portraying fresh-faced girls next door since her days on lives right around the corner from me in a leafy section of Brooklyn, and I'll see her around the neighborhood doing the most mundane things imaginable: parking her car. For her convenience, we meet in a fancy hotel bar in midtown Manhattan following her Esquire photo shoot, and the woman who shakes my hand and sits across from me isn't the one I'm used to seeing around.Russell looked ready for summer in a striped, origami-like skirt, cute sandals and a wide-brimmed hat, while her Americans co-star kept on-theme in a striped tee, matching socks and a navy blue today a mom who reads food blogs and makes sea-salt caramels for her kids. She can often be seen peddling around Brooklyn, carrying her six-year-old son, River, or several canvas bags of produce.

They scraped and smoothed it out before nailing a homemade sign at its entrance: RIVER’S ICE the title character, a young woman who decides to follow her crush to New York City to attend the same college.This coming-of-age drama was a hit with critics and developed a devoted following.Apparently they had been living apart since early summer of 2013, about six months by the time the news got out.Her marriage to Shane Dreary, who is a carpenter, has always been very private.

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Given that her ex-husband is not part of the industry and like many others, who are not involved in the making of movies or TV shows, he was always uncomfortable in the limelight.

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