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Romi is realizing that personal journeys are not like girl parties: You don’t get a plus 1.Kelsey has decided she’d rather liquor than lick her. Adding to the misery, Cori is home having dinner with Kacy when she does some quick math.Skye reportedly admitted, “I guess I was just looking for love. When Adam and I split up, I was making with Madonna. Venezuelan model and actress Patricia Velásquez is best known for her print and runway work (she’s also been in several Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions) and her role as Anck-Su-Namun in, Sandra asked Patricia to meet her in her hotel that afternoon, an she came over 45 minutes later with pastries, ready to make out.

Romi suggests that Francine create a Power Point presentation for her mother. It’s all about taking something old and saying it’s new. As Whitney dictates a list of contestants consisting of their five friends on the show, she almost forgets to include Kelsey. Kelsey needs to be looking for a job, not sack-racing while holding a vodka and red bull. Kelsey feels stifled and thirsty because she’s only 23 and these are her best drinking years. The only thing wrong in this scenario is Romi’s hideous shirt.As for Whit’s marriage to Sara, it’s unclear how they’re doing since their stint on Vh1’s in 2014.While the two haven’t posted about each other on social media in a long time, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re broken up.Romi Marie, as she’s known professionally and on social media, has now separated from her above-mentioned husband. The timing, the sequence of events, and what they presented was not the story that I was telling. She recently talked with GO in an exclusive interview to set the record straight (pun! For legal reasons, I’m not allowed to disclose how the story really went, but I have to clear this up about my wedding.

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