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Either he's on his phone and I get mad, or vice versa. As a generation of screen addicts, it's become so common that we don't even notice it anymore. "We see our partners all the time, but media is always fresh and changing.

It's tempting to tune in to something new, rather than feel monotonous or familiar with our partner."We're so accustomed to our social media habits that we've forgotten how to be present.

The first thing that may have come to mind when reading this headline was, "What the heck is phubbing? The word is a newly minted Gen Y term (my money's on a new entry in Webster's by 2018).

Similar to words like "bae," "Hundo P," and "FOMO," phubbing is an abbreviated hybrid of the words "phone" and "snubbing." Basically, it's a catchall term for when you pay attention to your phone instead of the person you're with.

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