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Alice Will, originally from the east coast, is now living in Corner Brook and has started spearheading an effort to revive the service for the west coast. 21, Will decided it was time for a safe space on this side of the island.

“It was moving to see millions of people stand together — millions of people saying that we can’t take human rights for granted.

I had gone there to get birth control — which was cheaper than going anywhere else, and also just to get information.” When she moved to Corner Brook she realized the same level of opportunity was not available.

Mallary Mc Grath, the executive director of Planned Parenthood, was elated when Will contacted the organization.

The building, owned by Western Health, that once housed long-term care patients had a potential buyer earlier this year, but that deal will not go ahead now.The Salt Wire Network had been in communication with the potential buyer, who has requested not to be identified as they do still have some other potential plans for developments in the Corner Brook area and want to keep quiet about them.The developer recently indicated they would not be pursuing the purchase of the O’Connell Centre because they couldn’t get the finances of the project to work for them. — Final submissions are scheduled today at the sentencing hearing for a teenager who shot and killed four people and injured seven others at a home and a high school in northern Saskatchewan. WASHINGTON — It was Canada's ultimate prize in the original free-trade deal with the U. — After competing against other groups in an online contest, the Union Art Project at the Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation has won the Big Projects Regional-East Prize — and ,000 in funding with it.

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