Who is the rockstar liz jones is dating

It seems I have gone into the red again by over £2,500,000. It can't be anything to do with having bought a brand new Aga, SMEG fridge, 5 pairs of Christian Louboutins, one Lamborghini, and the entire Maria Grachvogel 2011 collection (that will stop that skinny bitch Mrs Beckham getting her hands on any! So this time I decided to seek financial assistance the proper way, with an “Eye Need” advert in that charitable journal, Private Eye.

This is my ad: Mad as a bat shit witch, professional lunatic and domestic goddess seeks £2 million to save mansion, barn, 17 cats, 4 dogs, 3 horses, 25 sheep, 6 chickens, 4 donkeys, 15 acres of land, plus 26,000 bats, one specialist psychic animal behaviourist / horse whisperer, confidante / sister and myself from financial ruin. Seeking philanthropic eccentric millionaire, preferably a committed vegan like myself. Just when I had gotten used to sneakily two timing the Rock Star with the Famous Actor, several more suitors have turned up, almost miraculously, just when the death knell was sounding for my column. RS (the Rock Star) now he is a wonderful chap but I have severe doubts about his ability to father a child, even with the assistance of IVF.

I could tell he fancied me, given it was gloomy and I’d made an effort.

This week I took delivery of six glorious, soft haired chickens.

A pioneering ethical entrepreneur, she now runs two vegetarian brands and an award-winning fashion label.

Chances are you’re not a cow, a sheep, or a hen, but if you’re a politically-motivated vegan, you’d be fully forgiven for praising the day she was born.

Mo S (the Man of Steel) who is hopelessly in love with me.

’), he said, ‘You’ve worn them before.’ ‘At least I’m not wearing a mauve leather blouson,’ I said. Liz would never have asked the person for contributions to the child.Why she couldn’t have asked them to donate it themselves I don’t know.On paper, Isobel’s ideas resemble pipe dreams but her strong, essentially punk ethic has steadily seen her carve out a reality for her expanding vision.In 1994, initially looking to promote a meat-free lifestyle, she launched Farmaround, the first organic veggie box delivery scheme in the UK, and quite possibly the world.

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He is also an international man of mystery, as reports to his precise physiognomy vary.

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