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While this statement may not mean much to you, I was immediately horrified as I imagined a lonely pregnancy in Cincinnati without family, friends or a husband half of the time, growing a human during the most stressful months of the year, Mat possibly missing the birth of our first child. I somehow managed to forget that we live life on the no-plan plan and here it was- another curve ball that I wasn’t ready for (excuse the corny baseball pun, I had to do it).Back to choosing the timing of a pregnancy test wisely, four weeks went by and it was finally time to go to the doctor to confirm that this stick wasn’t a liar.I was living in a little bit of shock with a side of disbelief in the meantime.As you probably know by now, a little Latos was in fact on the way and we were told when our little alien would make it’s way into the world.But Jeter, who was just as retired last year as he is this year, was still the top baseball name on the list at No. "It's time to tell him, 'You've got to get in shape.' "No, that won't be happening. At the top of that list is the Cubs' Kris Bryant at 2.9 percent.

Here’s the conversation (there’s full transparency on this blog). We don’t have regular 9-to-5 jobs; we’re constantly on the road and enjoy none of the glamour of the big league life.When we’re not at the field we’re often on a bus, so being able to reach out via my phone is a must.Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to avoid answering the traditional opening question everyone uses when talking to strangers: “What do you do for a living?We've listed all the hottest A-list hook-ups: from brand new relationships, to rekindled romances, flings, flirtations, and rumours...The big question is: will they make it through to 2018 or end up as a celebrity split?

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The auction house has also made claims that the “G. Ruth” engraving inside the ring “perfectly matches the few other original player rings” of 1927 Yankee players.

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