Dating singles sitelinks and mechines

David Joseph, who runs the British arm of Universal Music, says A&R men used to be alchemists, discovering base talent and turning it into gold. Large numbers of Facebook friends and Twitter followers help show that a band has traction.

But record labels have become wary of social-media indicators.

Microsoft has developed an Xbox game console that can assess a player's mood by analyzing his or her facial expressions, and in 2011, IBM's Watson supercomputer won — a quiz show that often requires contestants to interpret humorous plays on words.“Using Marin to manage our new complex campaign structure in Bing quickly provided us with 10.5% more conversions at 10.4% lower cost.Solve linear equations to guide atoms through the reactor.But don't keep the scientists waiting too long or they blow their tops!It's the ultimate nuclear test of your maths skills!

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