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Once the attacker creates the account, they will have full control over the exploited v Bulletin application, and subsequently the site supported by its CMS (v Bulletin).

Initial Analysis Although v Bulletin has not disclosed the root cause of the vulnerability or the impact on customers, they did provide a workaround in a blog post encouraging customers to delete the /install, /core/install in v Bulleting 4.x and 5.x respectively.

Since the Apache logger does not log the parameters of POST requests, the details of the attack are not yet revealed.

Into the Weeds Once we had access to some concrete technical details on the vulnerability, we were able to effectively scan hacker forums in search of an exploit code.

Understand the content and context of WHY they do it: Black athlete, started from the bottom, held down by the community, gets famous and all of sudden forgets where he started from. Judging people based upon skin color is utterly ridiculous. Regardless, I'm like this..your cute in the face and thick in the waist and got a cool personality, you can get this business no matter what skin color, ethnicity, hair's all good w/ me.

But I still don't mind reading the new strips either. All the sleazy jokes with General Amos' obsession with Miss Buxley could sometimes be so vulgar that they were censored. I remember first seeing this back in 2008, but he did have Bunny already, so... I know this is just a newspaper comic, but it's still pretty odd.It's the aftermarket exhausts on the E60 M5 that really does it for me, there is no better mod for any other car in the world in my opinion.The other two didn't hit me until after I got my F10 M5 back from Euro Delivery and started to drive it on a daily basis and push it on canyon roads.It's both a perfect example of slapstick comedy done right and a perfect satire of the military.I also loved when they would take on serious topics like war, racism and politics (mostly in the 50's-70's though) and at times it could be quite an intelligent comic.

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