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Why are other devices getting notififcations regarding i OS Updates and I'm not?I have formatted my i Phone 3 times and the latest one was done by Apple service and they set it up as new i Phone. @Noah L i have waited for more than 2 weeks, i haven't.I stopped using gmail IMAP, but if I remember correctly, they didn't show messages as new on other devices after the message was viewed on one of the devices. When using IMAP, like i Cloud does, means if you read the message on one device it updates them all as read. Thanks for the clarification (although the issue appears to be with i OS as well as Mavericks). When using IMAP, like i Cloud does, means if you read the message on one device it updates them all as read. Resolution If your i Cloud email account is configured to use Push (in the Fetch New Data settings on your device), your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch will update automatically whenever you receive a new message in your @or @Inbox.Minor issue, but this seems like a poor design or a bug, no? As long as it's 'known' and hopefully/presumably on a list of things to fix... However, moving an email to a folder, reading a message, or flagging a message does not trigger a push notification.Since buying my i Phone, Apple has released 3 updates and I had not received a single notifcation of these.If I go manually and check for software update, then I can see it.if i check manually also, then also badge icon is not getting update only i can see, there is software update and ready to install.

My best explanation is that it is a software bug; something only Apple can fix, as it seemingly has nothing to do with the email service being used.The Mail app is no stranger to weird bugs, so let me reassure you here, phantom unread emails aren’t taking over your i Phone or i Pad.In this post, I will share with you a few options to fix an incorrect unread count, and hopefully put an end to it all.If you use the stock Mail application on your i Phone or i Pad, you may have experienced a mysterious occurrence where the Mail app icon will display a red badge telling you there are unread emails when there actually aren’t any.No matter what you do, it seems that up can’t clear that inaccurate number of unread emails.

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