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Heads roll, blood sprays, and the fight scenes shift to slow-mo at critical moments to give viewers an even "better" look at the gruesome action.

The soap opera dramatics and political intrigues make for interesting storylines, but this is a grown-up guilty pleasure at best.

This doesn’t go over well with the Romans, who ambush the Thracian and his wife (Erin Cummings) as they sleep, taking her away in front of his eyes.Again, the first episode had me a little weary, but after that, the show seemed to tone back on their use of CG effects.This action-adventure spectacle may be bloody entertaining, but it is also somewhat bloody." /Violence and treachery are the only skills that seem to have value in this period action series.Gladiators who succeed in the arena are rewarded -- the bloodier their victories, the greater the acclaim.

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Andy Whitfield, who plays the title character, also is set to deliver a video message and Comic-Con greeting from New Zealand.

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