Dating and marriage practices in morocco

Flag of Morocco Official Language: Arabic and Berber Currency: Dirham Capital: Rabat Moroccan Holidays Morocco is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco.

A Northern African country that gives you beaches, mountains, beautiful valleys, and the desert.

Historically, the combination of these traditions has prevented progress relative to societal change and cultural revival.

However, as this particular revolution sweeps through many Arab societies, creating new realities and new narratives, many scholars(?

It begins with several pre-wedding ceremonies that take place before the actual wedding.

If the parents of groom are pretty affluent, they send opulent golden jewelry, clothing, and perfumes for the bride.

Per Khadija, this is the new secret dating game that can be found throughout urban Morocco.

Here are some examples: The lush gardens offer the perfect place for hidden romance: The gorgeous flowering trees offer perfect protection from the sun: Per Khadija, this is what is going on. If you are interested in getting to know someone from the opposite sex, then technically you need to meet them in a public place with a third person present, usually a member from the family such as a brother.

From the beautiful mountains, to the colorful bazaars, and the ancient capitals of Fès and Marrakech, Morocco is a country of endless surprises that take your breath away.

A diverse country in all aspects with influences from many different cultures, each region has it's own specific traditions and customs.

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The traditional Moroccan wedding can take from three to seven days, with many festivities that take place before the actual wedding. In Muslim tradition, the parents would choose the groom or bridegroom for their children.

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