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Eva Alordiah (August 13 1988 Abuja, Nigeria) is a Nigerian rapper, singer, dancer, model, makeup artist, writer, and songwriter born to Nigerian parents from Delta State.

She moved to Lagos as a child and graduated from Bowen University with a degree in Computer science in 2009.14.

From her close friendship with Frida Kahlo to her penchant for wearing men’s clothing and smoking cigars, the out lesbian lived out-of-the-box and was celebrated for it.

Nigeria is the second largest in the world by number of feature films produced, second only to India and bypassing the United States (see also: The most beautiful Hollywood actresses).

“We are thrilled to have achieved gender parity in the festival lineup, especially this year when so many of us are more politically engaged than ever,” she told NBC News.

Outfest's 2017 program features women-focused films for both its U. Centerpiece and International Centerpiece screenings ("Strangers" and "Close Knit," respectively), and the festival will reprise its annual All-Girl Friday on July 14, a full day and night of programming and parties for women.

The show’s co-creator, writer and supervising producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, said she and fellow co-creator and exec producer Marti Noxon are using the show to expose the reality of the reality TV industry.

“It’s a very dark look at the underbelly of a culture that we’ve all become really used to — specifically women destroying other women and what motivates that,” she said.

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If you could turn to your future self for dating advice what would you ask her?

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