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So much that I perfected the art of playing her character in public for decades.

I can’t entirely fault my ex-boyfriend; sometimes I even believed she was real myself.

He blurted out that he was already in love with me on our second day together.

He saw the buxom shape of a relatively industrious and intelligent woman who was writing a novel, who worked in politics, sings Garth Brooks with the windows down, and named her cat Scarlett O’Hara. I liked this ambitious and light-hearted version of me, too.

Victims of drug-assisted sexual assault also frequently feel shocked, confused, and shame once they realize what has happened.

While it's normal to experience these emotions, victims bear no responsibility for what occurred, so shame is an unproductive emotional side-effect of this crime of power and control.

In love, the real me was disheveled, hypervigilant, erratic and self-defeating.

We’d been together for six weeks and he knew most of the make-or-break things.

He knew I have been raped twice, that I am bisexual, and that I battled bulimia for much of my life.

The pain that is surfacing in her life is literally killing her and I'm watching it. I hurt so bad also and I have to be strong because there is nothing coming back into me. That doesn't matter and I have to find the strength to keep giving!!! Also like your girlfriend, I never told anyone besides my lover.

It happened when I was 14 and younger by my brother and a "close friend".

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