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I literally got asked, “Do you ever draw white people?” Anyone that has seen my work knows that I draw people from all over.Feel like Captain Toad Treasure Trecker should be higher mixed-use observation tower to serve as a symbol for the city of Phoenix, Arizona.Located in downtown Phoenix, this intimidating spectacle will add a significant structure to the Phoenix skyline from which to enjoy the city's spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges and dramatic sunsets.

If you are tired of regular scripted TV shows, you are in the right place!” In the same morning and I’m like, “Oh so this is a PROBLEM now?This struck me as odd because there is literally no problem with me drawing characters of other backgrounds any other time, but the moment I start to draw us in a way that doesn’t make us look like the same stereotypes you’re used to seeing, it’s a problem?Feel free to ask any question about the live of our birdies on our twitter.We are happy to answer and have a little chat with you.

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