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Taylor Michel Momsen Tay-Tay Momsen, Tay Mom, Tay, Death, Little J Leo St.

Louis, Missouri, USA Momsen attended Our Lady of Lourdes School and Winston Churchill High School, Missouri, USA.

"Hey good morning little sis" my older sister Taylor greets me with a smile. All her friends and the rest of our family even agree with me, but Taylor doesn't see how talented she really is. "Your just saying that because when you were in school everybody freaking loved you" I reply before letting out a sigh. Anyways, I'll see you when school is over alright? All I do is nod my head yes before jumping off the vehicle, and making my way inside the school building.

Not even a full two minutes pass when a group of girls give me dirty looks.

ended more than 2 years ago with the famous last words: “That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.” Curious to know what the cast has been up to since then?

The Pretty Reckless is currently finishing up a North America leg of their Going To Hell Tour before heading to Europe.

Patricks" by PVRIS, completely waking me up for school.

I look at myself in the bathroom mirror before walking back into my bedroom to grab my backpack and phone, then head downstairs. " I ask her as I grab a red apple to eat for breakfast. Even though I have heard Taylor sing multiple times, I still get blown away from hearing her beautiful voice belting out lyrics to any song. The tardy bell is going to ring any second now" my older sister tells me as she parks in the front of the school. You'll be fine" Taylor tells me before rolling her eyes.

, we thought we'd take this opportunity to check in with the show's stars.

We know Chuck and Blair had a kid, and Dan and Serena got hitched.

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