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The spiritual realm of Adam Kadmon represents the sephirah (divine attribute) of Keter ("crown"), the specific divine will and plan for subsequent creation.

The power that the gentile world feels in Jesus is the Zohar.

This mythopoetic cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis enables the "Adam soul" to embody all human souls: the collective Yechidah ("singular") soul essence in Adam Kadmon, and the collective Neshamah ("soul") revealed soul in the Biblical Adam Ha-Rishon in the Garden of Eden.

In Kabbalah, Adam Kadmon ("primordial man") and Adam Ha Rishon (the Biblical "first man," Adam) are separate, though inter-related, concepts.

This is a good time to cut to the heart of Torah and truth about the historical Jesus and their role in this world.

The power of Jesus and his hold over such a large segment of humanity is traced to a Biblical verse in the book of the prophet Zechariah in which it says the gentile nations will hang onto the garment of a Judean and not let go of him because “God is with him.” Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle explains this verse refers to Jesus who was the Messiah, son of Joseph who came to bring the true secrets of Torah, the Zohar, to all the gentile nations because they were suffering deeply. Imagine saying things like, “Steve will save me.” “Believe in Steve, he is God incarnate.” “Only Steve is the son of God.” “The only way to get to God is through Steve.” “Steve is my lord and savior.” If this happened today, it would be viewed as blatant idol-worshipping and paganism.

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Sephardic people seek the help of Rabbi Shimon to bring forth miracles, the way Christians turn to Jesus for their miracles. The secrets of Zohar were concealed inside Christianity because the Kabbalists knew that the Torah, the Temple and all the secret teachings were going to be destroyed by the anti-Kabbalists two thousand years ago. The Temple was burned to the ground and Jerusalem became a sea of blood.

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