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Korean hip-hop has a quick sense of absorbing good elements from American hip-hop and reinterpreting them into something of good quality.Unfortunately, this tends to limit people’s originality.

The super petite 4’12” starlet is wearing her best lingerie and rocks it for you in the doorway.From the warped trap of opener “Liquor” to the ghostly house of closer “Flight Attendant,” FRNK’s panoramic production breezily contorts mid-beat as if it’s all part of some exercise in prodigious improvisation.“In middle school, I was listening to the album “I think using two languages in one song is always a plus,” Kim Ximya says.Web Page: Chair: Adam Jolles; Professors: Freiberg, Neuman, Weingarden; Associate Professors: Bearor, Carrasco, Jolles, Jones, Leitch; Assistant Professors: Bauer, Neill; Assistant Teaching Professor: Killian; Instructional Support Specialist III: Hudson; Professors Emeriti: Draper, Gerson, Nasgaard; Courtesy Professors: Brilliant, de Grummond, Emmerson, Lee, Mc Lendon, Palladino-Craig, Pfaff, Pohl, Pullen The Department of Art History offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA), and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) in the history and criticism of art.The faculty includes specialists in Islamic art, Pre-Columbian art, Spanish Colonial and Caribbean art, Early Medieval and Byzantine art, Romanesque and Gothic art, Italian and Northern European Renaissance art and architecture, Baroque and 18th-century art and architecture, modern architecture, 19th- and 20th-century art and criticism, American art, contemporary art and critical theory, history of photography, word-image studies, and museum studies.

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