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As an exchange student to Switzerland, Dianne worked with flowers, fruits and vegetables, which increased her interest in horticulture.

Dianne received both her bachelor and master of science degrees in horticulture from the U of I and worked for several tree nurseries in central Illinois. Gardeners are interesting people and it's great when we put our heads together to solve gardening problems. By grade school, I was helping Grandpa Charley plant potatoes in the vegetable garden.

“I saw what was done to Karyn, and normal people don’t do that.” During the years between Karyn’s murder in September 1996 and the Slovers’ arrest in January 2000, the family didn’t talk to the media.

At their trial, a court reporter read their grand-jury testimony into the record; the Slovers’ attorneys advised them not to take the stand.

Tucked away steps from the French Market and Mississippi River in the heart of the French Quarter, the Hotel Villa Convento is a warm and cozy guest house, offering guests the personal service of seventh-generation New Orleanians, the Campo's.

Rumored to be the legendary House of the Rising Sun, this building is a creole townhouse dating back to the 1830s.

“He promised a furnished apartment, uniforms, and a good job,” recalls Parris.

He is particularly interested in the life histories of these creatures. degree in agricultural education from the University of Illinois.When Parris and her compatriots complained to the owner of Mister Clean about zero-dollar paychecks, “he said if we didn’t stop, he would call the sheriff and ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] would take us back to Jamaica. We couldn’t go back without being able to pay off our debts.” Parris had landed in debt bondage through H-2B, one of the U. The H-1 program lets employers import skilled temporary labor, for jobs that require a bachelor’s degree or higher.The guest worker programs are overseen by a trio of federal agencies: the U. Department of Labor, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of State.So much about the Slover family seemed just plain normal.Mike, the dad, earned his living doing construction work and running a used-car lot called Miracle Motors.

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