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Having noted what went on within the relationships, you could write about, think about or talk with friends how you might do things differently.As you do this reflect on how you feel and whether you’re made anxious about assertive choices.Perhaps the best real-life example of this scenario is actress Sandra Bullock and her ex-husband, motorcycle bad boy Jesse James, who publicly split after his serial infidelity was revealed in 2010another because they are strong enough to "take" her, these men are also the cheaters, verbal/emotional abusers or worse.I was really glad she asked her question for two reasons: (1) because the same problem affects so many smart, accomplished women, and (2) because I can explain what this phenomenon is all about.There are typically four reasons good girls fall for guys like these: 1. Many women attracted to rogues had a father who was a little wild and rebellious.Because many girls idealize their father, they may seek a partner with similar traits.

In my work as a relationship coach and blogger, I hear it over and over again — yet, at some level, it still takes me by surprise — "Why do so many really smart, accomplished and attractive women go for 'bad boys' or Alpha males?

When did you first notice any problems and what did you do? It’s quite common where you’ve just come out of a relationship that’s been unpleasant, and where you feel vulnerable, that your relationship radar may be skewed, making it difficult to tell if your new partner is good for you or not.

Compared to a toxic previous relationship, a slightly less toxic new relationship may seem perfect to you.

He started to phone her, and the attraction felt relaxed. They start to have this casual relationship - three or four days together that were pure bliss: passionate lovemaking, nights of incredible warmth where they were able to sleep and be together, and just hang out.

Unfortunately, just as she was beginning to relax inside the affair, he began to drink more and more.

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