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h-m- eroticus(homs-xual upright man) is an extinct species of the genus h-m-.

many believe its demise to be a direct result of it’s h-m-s-xual tendencies. eroticus is the first example of modern h-m-s-xuality.

It is recognised that anyhow the number of persons occupying an intermediate position between the two sexes is very great, that they play a considerable part in general society, and that they necessarily present and embody many problems which, both for their own sakes and that of society, demand solution.

The literature of the question has in consequence already grown to be very extensive, especially on the Continent, and includes a great quantity of scientific works, medical treatises, literary essays, romances, historical novels, poetry, etc.

After 3 years in Assos with Theophrastus and Xenocrates, Aristotle went to Mytilene for 2 years.Homo eroticus Movie Wiki page provides information about Homo eroticus (1971) movie with complete information about Homo eroticus cast & crew, its release date, story/plot, critics reviews and fans comments.It gives you complete information about the Homo eroticus film but in case we need any correction or omission, please contact us here.The Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) organized all knowledge of his time into a coherent whole which served as the basis for much of the science and philosophy of Hellenistic and Roman times and even affected medieval science and philosophy.

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