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Most libraries have access to the microfilm version or keep paper indexes of The Globe and Mail newspapers with some of those libraries also carrying the Globe's "Canada's Heritage from 1844" electronic archive.

This archive contains the electronic full-page archive of The Globe starting from June 1844.

If you are thinking about persuing foreign girls for marriage there are several issues that you should consider.

The first of course is what area of the world you are considering pursing a bride from?

So, the old stereotype of an Eastern European lady as a pushy, materialistic, green card bride, which was always a gross exaggeration of the worst Russian ladies, is much less true today.

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■ As much as 50 inches of rain could fall in some areas.

Writing a research paper on an aspect of Toronto history?

Seeking first-hand coverage on major historical events?

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There are cultural differences between say Eastern European lady and an Asian woman, but you should avoid falling into the trap of stereotyping foreign brides, because this can fatally poison your relationship before it ever starts.

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