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The show is about a family of criminals fronted by a controlling matriarch, Ellen Barkin, who plays Smurf and has her love-hate relationship with her children.In an interview with the NBC back in 2016, Weary and Jonathan Lisco talked about the show.Getting to the point, the interviewer asked, I think there's something about this show that's surprisingly a lot about love.There's so much about family and what kind of relationships each member of the family has with each other and also outside of the family.It also isn’t surprising that the duo, who play one of the few same-sex couples on broadcast television, also display an easy rapport and chemistry, both teasing and complimenting each other. Would that matter to you personally that the child be genetically related to you? Things that a lot of people don’t have to think about, they actually do. Getting a pilot is amazing enough, then actually getting picked up, and then having your show run for a number of seasons is practically a miracle. We have something that evolves as everyone’s family does over time. AE: Since you’re from Wales, Matthew, and you’re from Canada, Luke, does making it in Hollywood carry something extra special? That amount of pressure and that work load, it’s the antithesis of what we do where we don’t have a lot to do but we get time off. [laughs] AE: So it doesn’t really appeal to you then? LM: I always say this is a bit of a cliché, but I started in theater and I feel very comfortable there. It’s where I feel most alive, really, for obvious reasons — performing for a live audience and everything else that comes with it. I thought it was the prefect environment to test the water, dip my toe in, and it was. Rachel Griffiths seems like she has a lot of spunk to her. It seems like lately, a lot of people on our site have described Kevin as unlikable in some of the ways he behaves. For a lot of the time, Kevin seems to be in transition.

But I think they’re pretty healthy, other than the distance between them, which technology has made easy. Frankly, I’m not entirely well-equipped, but I’ll offer some insight. It always takes a certain amount of courage to just say, ‘this is what I am.’ People are very reluctant to define themselves. Speaking of good-looking guys, you got to work with Scott Wolf on the show, which is exciting. If the show continues to do well, which I understand it’s doing very well, I think they want to bring me back, and hopefully they can. What would your advice be to a young actor, or not even young actor, but somebody who was out in their personal life but not in their professional life? You really just have to figure it out for yourself, I think What else is going on with you, Luke, besides And I have my fingers crossed for another television show.

There wasn’t meant to be that much emphasis or definition through his sexuality. Luke Macfarlane: He was the brother, not the gay brother. A lot of people tune in to the show specifically to see you guys, and are really invested in your relationship and how it’s going to develop and how they can relate to it. I met recently with someone who is working on the case in California, the Proposition 8 case, and he said to me, "You know, your names and your characters always come up in our meetings as a representative of good gay people in the media. AE: Has the current baby conception storyline, other than teaching how to say the word blastocyte, has it made you reflect on whether one day you’d like to be a parent yourself?

Add Matt Bomer to the list of stars who have shown public support for Wentworth Miller. With some celebrities, there's simply no doubt when you gaze upon them. How does Sucre plan on making to Las Vegas in a day?

The White Collar star, who came out as gay in a speech last February, was asked about the Prison Break actor's public reveal this week and told E! Perhaps he drew that elaborate body tattoo himself.

News: In a statement both subtle and substantive, Wentworth Miller came out as gay yesterday, writing a powerful letter to the head of a Russian film festival and condemning that nation for its anti-homosexual legislation. Newly discovered book excerpts reveal that Wentworth Miller, the star of Prison Break, had an impressive artistic run as a 19-year old English literature student at Princeton.

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