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--Keep in mind that LOB pointers are transaction dependent.

This means that if you have a COMMIT command in your code, the LOB pointer could become invalid (not pointing to anything) and you may not be able to perform some operations by using that locator.

I have a variable in my script: v_field1 VARCHAR2(32000); This is part of a cursor record: v_mf_table IS TABLE OF mf_detail%ROWTYPE INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER; v_mf_record v_mf_table; I use a FORALL to insert the data into a table: FORALL x IN v_mf_record. v_field1 is My bad, sorry: FOR x_rec IN mf_monthly(v_mf_record(v_rec).ticker) LOOP v_monthly_data := v_monthly_data my Gist; 14 -- The following statement will raise an error because my Story is 15 -- longer than 100 bytes 16 my Gist := my Story; 17 END; 1 declare 2 my Story CLOB; 3 amt number:=100; 4 buffer VARCHAR2(100):='some data'; 5 BEGIN 6 -- select a CLOB column into a CLOB variable 7 SELECT Story INTO my Story FROM print_media WHERE product_id=10; 8 DBMS_LOB.14 15 update print_media set Story = my Story WHERE product_id = 10; 16 -- an update is necessary to synchronize the data in the table.

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