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Remnants of these vast sheets of ice can still be seen today in the form of numerous lakes that pepper the northern regions of the Midwest.Retreating glaciers left large depressions in the earths crust which filled with melt water, the most magnificent of which are the Great Lakes.Those of us who live in the Midwest United States seem to have the worst of both worlds.

A simple model that assumes a well-mixed reservoir in surface ocean waters and constant sediment accumulation was used to interpret the 239,240Pu profiles.

Chica, Ivan - Stratigraphical problems of the Miocene in Europe.

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Other, larger ones, such as Lake Winnipeg, Reindeer, Athabasca, Great Slave, and Great Bear in Canada, existed at one time but have since drained off and disappeared.

Glaciers reached as far south as the current locations of the Ohio and Missouri Rivers, although the Wisconsin ice sheet, the most recent glacier, stopped midway across the extent of Illinois.

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