Who is angela dating in twilight

Having gone in only expecting another ordinary stay at the town, she's confronted with a heavenly surprise when she spots an impossibly gorgeous group of newcomers known as the Cullens at her local highschool.

And, among them, her subsequent soulmate, Edward Cullen.

Bella Swan is an accident prone girl who moves to live with her father in Forks, Washington.

Her mother Renee is marrying a man named Phil Dwyer, who makes her mother very happy.

Here she meets and falls in love with Edward Cullen, a teenage vampire. Bella falls in love with him and then finds out he is a vampire.

Some of her qualities, like being pale and claiming to be able to smell human blood, make her seem like a vampire herself, but her human mortality is a constant theme in her relationship with Edward. She left Bella’s father when Bella was a baby, feeling too trapped and unhappy in rainy Forks. Bella often takes care of her mother more than vice versa. He has superhero strength and speed, but he worries that he does not have heroic virtue because of his innnate vampiric desire to kill humans.

Angela reads Eragon's future, which doesn't exactly have pleasing results. Many people have commented on how much they like my name and/or the meaning.

So far, everything she predicted has come true, but the story's not through yet! I don't know if Angela is pronounced like ahn-HAY-la in another country, but in the Russian language it is not pronounced like that. I'm an RN in the ICU and have had numerous encounters where my name (the meaning) seems to have brought my patients and/or their families comfort.

But, rather than being shocked by this discovery, instead she decides she's in love with Edward leading them to hook up and venture into a forbidden love.

When I, despite my better judgement, shared that stat with my Mom, she was shocked. Not to say I ever considered my name unique, but I didn't think it was nearly as ubiquitous as Jennifer.

After her mother gets remarried, she moves from Arizona to Forks to live with her father.

He is intensely concerned that his romantic desire for Bella should always outweigh his vampiric desire to kill her, and he gradually gains more and more self-control as their relationship matures. He was born in the 1630s to an intolerant Anglican pastor who put him in charge of hunting for vampires and witches.

He did actually find a coven, and he was attacked by the vampire they were chasing.

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