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Pick something that is intriguing, easy to remember and not too clichéd or obvious. “We are constantly adorning ourselves with things that advertise who were are — watches, makeup, accessories — and on the Internet, words are what we’ve got to do that advertising. ” “Clearly examine the actual words you use, because they’re like little bombs that go off in the brain of anyone reading your profile,” says Fisher.It’s only one word, but besides your thumbnail photo, it’s the first impression you’re making on anyone who finds you. And an important key in selecting those words, says Fisher, is identifying your own personality type and the verbiage that your type tends to favor.If you love adventure, be sure to use that word and others from the Explorer list as Explorers match very well with other Explorers who share their zest for life in the fast lane.Builders are “the guardians of tradition” and tend to be calm, social, cautious, persistent, loyal and orderly. My friend who consoled me after my marriage ended told me: “Men have many rooms in their heart which can be occupied by many women at the same time, but only one gets to live in the penthouse with you.

I’ve devised a series of exercises for you to do on slow, grey, miserable days to keep you from getting cabin fever. Women only have 1 room in their heart, and if they find someone else to occupy it, your shit is out in the streets and you are never getting back in.“ This one should be self evident to anyone who lives in the sphere AND understand that this only applies to ALPHA men. As a Fios TV subscriber, you can watch your favorite original programming, TV shows, and the latest movies online, thanks to a growing list of participating networks.Just sign in to Fios TV Online with your Verizon user name and password and you can watch on your computer - at home or away - using any broadband connection.If I have Fios TV, can I sign in and watch Fios TV Online with primary and sub account credientils?Yes, Primary and Sub Accounts will both work for Fios TV Online as well as mobile application access, provided the account has Fios TV on it plus a premium service.

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