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Blake Elarbee and Fred Johnson eliminated at rose ceremony.

Final Dates: (Women arrive, no 4th rose ceremony) Women (10): Taylor, Raven, Lacey, Jasmine, Amanda, Dominique, DLo, and Christen.

Three guys entering are Tickle Monster (Rachel’s season), Blake Elarbee (Rachel), Fred Johnson (Rachel).

Blayr and Mya said that Kandi is smart, beautiful and loving, but she just can’t seem to find good men to go on dates with, and turned to Steve Harvey for help.

Baranski, 64, best known for her role as Diane Lockhart on series such as The Good Wife and its spinoff The Good Fight, said her talents would be best suited to play national education secretary Betsy De Vos.'It would seem somewhat logical - we have that strong jawline, don’t we?

Men (11): Jack, Robby, Diggy, Dean, Ben Z., Adam, Derek, and Daneil.

The twins are furious, go off on everybody, tell the whole group to f**k off, then leave.

The 42-year-old Jackass star had suffered major burns after pouring rocket fuel on his body for a stunt in his new comedy special on Wednesday.

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