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The popular idol group, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuuri, and Nakajima Yuuto has graduated from Horikoshi school today, February 17.After the graduation ceremony, these 3 person held the press conference.As he tries to let himself heal, the organization he is a part of receives a message that threatens the fragile peace that countless lives have paid to establish. This is the story of the silver-haired boy, the unlikely hero.

Very delicious] with a bit tears on his eyes and smiling.

As a request to help her with withdrawals she asks for company while she stays at a family’s remote forest cabin, taking the both Ryosuke and you and a few close friends to accompany her stay.

However, a mysterious book was found and read by one of the your friends, awakening ancient demons.

With teary eyes, Yamada just answered [Just eye drops] with his shy smile when reporter asked [Do you cry? Yamada admit about his mischievous act in school too like [I was often get scolded by my teacher.

When I make noise with my friend who sit in front of me, my teacher caught us, and she/he punish us to sit in school corridor. Contrast with Yamada, Chinen who has image as honor student said [This is just once time, but I ever got ranking 4 of whole school students, I feel so happy], when Yamada heard it, he said [I feel unpleasant that the gap between me and him is too far] with bitter smile.

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