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Being gentle and non-aggressive was appealing to 17 per cent of men surveyed.For women, however, character and confidence was their instant magnet at 27 per cent, though other survey questions reveal that some men may be struck off the list if they don’t meet other requirements. In this none too scientific post, my target audience is primarily western / Scandinavian males who are going to work or are working in Singapore.The dating scene in Singapore is lively The pubs and restaurants and the social life in general encourages all kinds of human interaction in public places at all times. Most events from having breakfast at the local (coffee-shop) to having coffee, lunch, dinner or anything in-between is a reason to meet.

According to them, he would help with the language barrier, introduce me to amazing Chinese food, and help me find my way around China much quicker.

“Singaporean girls are materialistic, demanding and stubborn.” says William (not his real name), a 32-year old restaurateur.

“I just want a simple girl.” William is handsome, financially stable, and prefers dating Thai women.

Making up fake stories is not something I normally do but it’s very hard to decline anything in China.

People take their role of host and trying to make you feel comfortable in their country very seriously, which is something I value greatly.

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