Sophos antivirus configure updating greyed out

These instructions are primarily for people who want to install Sophos Anti-Virus onto their personal laptop and/or desktop.

Please check with your local IT Support Staff about antivirus protection for college and departmental systems as local arrangements often apply, and installing the version intended for personal systems may cause problems.

column in Sophos Enterprise Console after a major Sophos Auto Update upgrade on an endpoint and until the next endpoint update.

This happens because not all of the old threat identity (IDE) files are being deleted on upgrade; they are then deleted during the next update.

These are the release notes for Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.3 for Windows Recommended versions, managed by Sophos Enterprise Console or standalone.

Some of the features mentioned in these release notes are only available on managed computers or if you have the appropriate license.

Support plays a major role, with outbound calling and personalized incentives to ensure unmatched customer retention.Its my personal opinion and my dislike for any autoupdates, that I have provided these steps for other users who feel the same way.I am not to be held responsible for any damages or losses that might be caused by following these steps and disabling your sophos auto updates. Go to C:\Program Data\Sophos\Auto Update\Config (for vista users or to programfiles instead of program data. Now open iupd file like above and replace the same string with Allow Local Config = 1 . Open and edit also replacing same string as mentioned above with Allow Local Config = 1.This guide outlines the steps required to install the Sophos anti-virus software on Apple Mac computers.Although currently relatively little malware targets OS X systems, it is in on the increase.

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