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" Carly captioned a photo of her and Evan, along with Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan (one of the current season's only established couples), and Wells and Danielle.

Later, Evan chimed in on Twitter, writing, "DANIELLE AND WELLS FOR EVERYTHING LOVE IS REAL AND I AM HERE FOR IT."Come on, if Carly and Evan (who are expecting their first child!

season three star Wells Adams returned to Mexico this season as the bartender, replacing Jorge, and quickly became the Internet's new boyfriend, thanks to his words of advice, above average drink-making, and, you know, actually listening to the women when they speak.

While he's not technically allowed to date anyone on the job, viewers learned there's been sparks between the radio DJ and Danielle Maltby, the soft-spoken nurse from Nick Viall's season, for years.

Le Bar-sur-Loup is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France.

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Later, la Compagnie des Grands Travaux de Marseille (a public construction company at the time) ordered the destruction of remaining parts of the viaduct that were close to collapse.

On the other hand, pillars that were considered as non-dangerous were left in place, and serve as a reminder of the time for local inhabitants.

The two have been spending a bunch of time together, including a group hang with cast member Kristina Schulman when she visited Nashville, and they even watched Tuesday night's episode together at a charity viewing party hosted by Danielle to benefit LWALA Community Alliance.

And a recent Instagram post from Carly Waddell, whose wedding to Evan Bass was aired last week after meeting on the show last summer, really has fans speculating about the pair's current status. Here's to hoping it works out for everyone like it did for us!!! (but obviously a fake drink since I'm not drinking ????

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The viaduct was destroyed by German soldiers who occupied the village during the Second World War.

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