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How to determine what type of Windows XP License Key you have: To tell if the user’s license key is OEM or not, look for the license sticker.

If it’s on the case of the machine, it’s 99% likely to be OEM.

(When a legitimate corporate key is not at hand during an installation process, it's a common practice for some administrators to simple search the web for a valid key.) Here's how to check if your systems are using a leaked key, and how to change the product activation key if they are.

To make things worse, lots of people lose their Windows XP CD.

However, they usually have their license key attached to the side of their computers.

How to determine what type of Windows XP CD you have: The way to tell if any given disk is OEM or not is to look carefully at the words in the hologram. To use an upgrade disk you’ll need a valid disk from a lower version like 2000 or ME to put in when the installer prompts you for one.

If it says “Only for distribution with a new PC” on the front of the disk, it’s an OEM copy. If it is a branded CD (such as Dell or HP), its OEM.

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