Stages of romance dating psychology

This second phase is a chance to recognize you and your date are two different people with two different mindsets.

Still, the adrenaline rush will keep you needing less sleep than a new mother. During this time the sexual pleasure will decrease and you begin to calm down as the hormones become less extreme.

This power struggle must take place and leads to the question: Can I be me and still be in this relationship? Recommitment to marriage or permanence and to your partner as the chosen one.

This takes place only after each partner has determined they can be who they are and be in a permanent commitment.

Is this love, comfort, fun, and support or is this boredom?

(There is boredom if true self has been submerged, conflict has been suppressed, and the lack of tension and increasing distance has killed the closeness.) RECOMMITMENT IS A LIFELONG, ONGOING, REWARDING AND GROWING PROCESS.

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