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The film, which won the best documentary award at the American Black Film Festival in July, tells the stories of some of the children who were separated from their parents and put up for adoption by black families in the U. after American military officials heard of the pregnancies. 'There were a lot of people who were caught between two countries, two warring nations.

The fraternization between black American soldiers and German women, while frowned upon, was not legally forbidden, whereas any public interaction between blacks and white women in the U. And we allowed those children to be abandoned, and people should know that,' said Regina Griffen, the journalist who created the documentary.

The interracial children of black American soldiers and white German women who were the product of post-World War II love affairs were shipped out of Germany by the thousands in the wake of racial intolerance.

Now, decades later, the stories of how these children were sent to live in black adoptive homes so as to be more 'socially accepted' in the U. during the time of racial segregation are finally coming to light.

They may just need some time to get used to the both of you as a couple.

You can go through the list of females in your neighbourhood to browse through their pictures. My husband was about to leave for the store and he gave me a kiss and said he loved me, and after he left, my sister said, 'Dang ... ' My response to her was, 'Jerks come in all colors - I just have a great husband! One of the funniest things I have heard regarding my interracial marriage was from my sister (who is black and is married to a black man). Word Press"I'm sure you two voted for Obama (of course we did). You might be wondering why in 1945, after the Nazis had been in power for 12 years, there were still mixed marriages of Jews and Germans.Although the Nazis made such marriages illegal in 1935, as a part of the so-called Nuremberg Laws, that new legislation only prohibited future marriages.

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These statements are real, and they are ridiculous. Q: What's the best thing to say to someone who's in an interracial relationship? Buzzfeed"My hubby and I have been married for fourteen years - he's black and I'm white.

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