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Dance classes in Los Angeles, CA can cost up to . "The Dance App" is brought to you by Jerome Alexander (some of his credits include Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, a So You Think You Can Dance Commercial, and Zooey Deschanel's "New Girl"), Kevin Andrews (Big Rich, Lean Rimes, and Alan Jackson), and their business partner Stacy Hagen.The Dance App is bringing you the best dancers, teachers, and choreographers from L. (and around the world) to you in the palm of your hand. In addition to learning from Jerome and Kevin, come learn a variety of dance styles (Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Breaking, Contemporary, and Ballroom) from some of LA's best dancers, teachers, and choreographers!Dana Vulin, 31, from Perth Australia nearly died, left and inset, when Natalie Dimitrovska doused her with methylated spirits and set her on fire during a jealous rage in Ms Vulin's Perth apartment in 2012.The burns survivor had chatted to Dimitrovska's ex-husband in a casino, but didn't expert her to turn up at her home six weeks later demanding to know where the ex was, before setting her alight.A dog out for a walk with its owner in a park north of Perth, Western Australia was given a nasty surprise when its paw was caught in a metal trap, shattering five of its teeth while trying to chew his way out of it.

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By purchasing The Dance App, you will be given 5 full dance lessons from "So You Think You Can Dance" Contestants Kent Boyd and Katee Shean, Youtube’s Most Watched Dance Duo Janelle Ginestra & Dejan Tubic, Jerome Alexander (Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga Dancer), and Kevin Andrews (Big & Rich and Country Music Awards Dancer). Some of the choreographers that you can learn from are Shannon Mather (Dancing with the Stars), Angel Gibbs (8 Flavahz member on America's Best Dance Crew), and Ryan Ramirez (Beyonce dancer and assistant to Mia Michaels! "The Dance App" strives to make dance classes affordable and accessible.

Whether you're from the United States or Uganda, a professional dancer, someone that danced as kid, or someone that wants to learn the basics, we want to bring the Los Angeles dance scene to you!

Janelle Ginestra began dancing in Santa Clara, CA at age 2.

As a young child, she enjoyed dancing for local shows and competing in dance competitions, where she received highest honors and praise for her spunk, sassiness, personality, and of course being a powerhouse for her age.

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