Android weather app not updating

Constant wakeups like you're suggesting can be a contributing factor in that.In the interest of balancing useful information and battery life, the News and Weather widget in Android (for example) updates as soon as the widget is viewed after sleep. The last Weatherbug update included some way to share your weather socially. I have one app that updates every time they add an asian keyboard. With Android doing at least 4 versions - things are bound not to work on at least one update.Weather reports are essential in a country like USA, where weather changes frequently.Apple Watch has an amazing stock Weather app that gives details of weather changes at regular hours.That's the exact widget I also use, but what Cabal says makes sense, maybe the date is crippled on purpose to save battery, if this is the case then it's not that hard to just push the little circle everytime I wake up my phone, but it would be nice if it updated automatically when I fire-up the phone. I've seen tablet owners wanting back to Honeycomb since apps don't work - same with phone.

You may find one of these apps suitable by itself, or you can try combining a couple of them to get the most information. The daily information is excellent in this app because it includes what the temperature feels like, the humidity, and UV index.

But they forget that the Apple Watch is just a humble assistant of your i Phone, hence, you should first take care of your i Phone and not the Watch.

What your Watch shows is just a reflection of i Phone.

After running a force stop on Touchwiz, my widget once again started responding to input AND updating. To get below: After killing Touch Wiz and then the system firing it back off, the widgets started to work again. After finding that the issue above keeps happening with all weather widgets I placed on home screen, I tried three of the big launcher replacements (Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex).

I am not sure as of yet whether or not this is something an update from ATT/Samsung will fix, or if the app writers need to update code for the SGS4. NONE of the 3rd party launchers have this issue and widgets update perfectly.

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