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To consolidate Apollo Sports position as organizer of camps and training trips a 7 day Swim Around Phuket starting on 31 March 2016 together with the triathlete Jonas Colting was organized.Jonas Colting likes the great adventure and to swim from place to place.It is a unique and inspiring destination for individuals, groups and families for those looking for a balanced approach to their lifestyle or for beginner sports to professionals.After the Nordic craze for running and the rapidly growing interest for Swim-Run (eg Ötillö) the interest for open water swimming is swiftly increasing.2014 Jonas Colting did the charity project Sverige Simmet (Swim through Sweden) where he swam from Stockholm and Gothenburg, a total distance of 640 km. The total distance is about 120 km and passes all the famous beaches of western Phuket, as well as the less-explored eastern coast.“If we all swam more in the oceans, we would receive a greater awareness of the importance of good water quality. Apollo and Thanyapura offer everyone who wants to participate in any of these stages to join Jonas on his adventure.I didn't like being told off by one of the flght attendants for eating my own food on the flight.

Currently one of the fastest growing trends in the training segment are more adventurous trips combined with the outdoor experience.Even though you are flying between two tropical destinations, I would recommend bringing a jumper.Boarding was quite messy as flight was delayed but many passengers were not informed.For some odd reason 3 our of 4 of party received food, but for the fourth person they said we didn't book a meal with the ticket.We bought all the tickets together and saw no place when booking regarding meal service. The flight was cheap and the plane itself (B787) is a new plane and the lower pressurised altitude is very nice.

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