Updating hdd firmware

Keep your hard disk drives and solid-state drives running smoothly by keeping their firmware up to date.

If you've recently installed new hardware or an operating system on your computer, then you may want to update firmware and drivers for your hardware components.

I have a Dell OEM hard drive (but not a Dell computer), manufactured by Seagate, but because it's an OEM Dell part, the firmware is from Dell.

Hard Drive: Seagate model ST3250310NS Barracuda ES.2Current Firmware: MAODI ran a bootable CD version of Sea Tools, and it told me that there is a firmware update, and it won't continue testing until I get the firmware.

Select "Disk Drives" from the Device Manager to expand the device tree.

Right-click on your HDD or SSD and then select "Properties."Click on the "Details" tab.

This answer provides links to the download libraries for various WD products.

If your drive is listed, you may update the firmware on the disk drive to prevent any inconvenience.Open the website for your hard drive's manufacturer.Click on the link for the company's support page. For example, click "Support," "Downloads" or "Drivers."Enter the model number for your HDD or SSD into the support search field.Here's the big question (that nobody at Dell can answer): If I download and install the driver from the Dell website, is it going to work or will it render my hard drive unusable because I do not have a Dell motherboard? I've done a lot of different things with computers but have never updated firmware on a hard drive.

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