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He was originally hired by Joe Jackson to represent The Jackson Five in the late Seventies, but would go on to manage Michael at the peak of his megastardom during the Off The Wall and Thriller years.

Over lunch in a sunny cafe near his home in Santa Monica, California, Weisner tells me: ‘I was representing Gladys Knight and had a roster of famous names and Joe came in and started off by telling me he needed a “white Jewish guy” to deal with the record company.

'From the beginning there was something other-worldly about Michael (Jackson).

Jackson has been hiding the news of a child from us for quite some time, and I cannot say that it does not sound good because this girl looks like just like Ms. Rumors of a daughter that Jackson failed to claim were surfacing a long time go—they started in the ’80s—and have been the topic of many discussions.

Though Jackson shot down the rumors, and said that all allegations of her having a secret lovechild are false, others believe that she had a daughter during her marriage to James De Barge.

On stage he was the most talented performer I've ever seen.

But off stage he was a child,' said Ron (pictured with the superstar in 1978) One of his biggest clients was Michael Jackson.

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