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While spring break is a popular time of year for college aged kids to flock to the Island, the crowds will remain fairly isolated at the few spots on the Island where the events are going on.

Most of the party scene is concentrated at the Isla Grand during the day and at the night clubs late at night.

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Reece Clarke, 26, suffered horrific burns to his entire body after Ethan Clarke, 22, allegedly set him alight in the early hours of Saturday morning.

If you live in Venezuela or Mexico you might look at the United States today and wonder, really, whether it isn’t overreacting.

In their desperate attempts to distinguish the fire, the brothers’ parents suffered burns and are now recovering in hospital.

Nerang police have said they will build their case around an understanding the death was not an accident.

“In retrospect Whitewater seems overblown,” he writes.

“And yet it has to be confessed that, at least so far, the Whitewater scandal was far more substantive than the Russia-collusion scandal now gripping Washington.” I covered Whitewater too and his point is well taken.

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