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You can also instruct the computer to only download the updates, rather than install them as well – this is useful if you have limited space on your HDD or you want to avoid installing useless updates such as language packs.When a Windows Update doesn’t work, you should notice that items that have been downloaded to install on your computer don’t disappear from the list on the Windows Update page.So I hit download for all 103 updates because it says they are all important and not the optional updates.My computer has been sitting now for 4 hours and it says it is still downloading updates but it also says this " (0 KB total, 0% complete) " how do I fix this and get the computer to download all the updates?I faced this issue and my downloading was stuck at 23%, when I was trying to get Windows Insider Builds.This is what helped me and I am sure that it could help you too.It will show a constant figure but there will be no progress.The figure in your case could be 0%, 23%, 33%, or any other, but every time you try to download the updates, you find that they are stuck on that particular figure, even if you leave it for an hour or two.

From here, you can initiate an instant check for updates or schedule how often you would like Windows 7 to connect to the Windows Update servers to collect and install the fixes and drivers required by your computer.

I just want to receive the updates that I should have received on the "Slow" lane.

I have another PC that's still set to "Slow", but it received the 10162 build.

The first thing to do is to stop the Windows Update service on your Windows 7 machine.

You can do this by going to Start and typing in in the search box.

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