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Howard Stern first played a tape of his Wack Pack recreating current movies that he'd like to sell as a PPV joke. Steph: I'm sure, according to Joanie, I'm the bitch. We stopped talking when I discovered she was still living at their house together. Nicole Bass and homeless drunk Jeff Kuro on a Madonna-like island in "Swept Away." Jeff first tells Nicole to get him a beer and open her mouth so he can drain his lizard. Drop that thong and let me violate your personal airspace! It was definitely a big deal for Triple H to date me. By the time I came around, things weren't so good as I understand it. At the time we started our on-screen storyline, we hit it off. But when the Helmsley character found out she was not really pregnant, he dumped her during Monday Night RAW and the marriage story line ended in a divorce.This on-screen marriage translated into “insane chemistry” in real life according to Stephanie. and it was supposedly “strictly taboo” for them to date in real life. Caller: Steph graced us twice with the site of her beautiful breasts popping out.

It was a really big thing in our business for the top star to be dating the boss' daughter and all of the implications it could have." You can watch Stephanie's appearance in the video above.Stern the narrator says: She's in love with him and doesn't hear the insults. " Jeff Kuro: "Oh my god, you're not a chick, you're a dude. If he cheated on me, we wouldn't fire him, but it wouldn't be a good situation. Stern: Did you think he was a freak, because Chyna's a freak? I was dating somebody else at the time too who thought I had the hots for Triple H,but I didn't know it. Quivers: Did it ever cross your mind that he had his eye on the whole shebang - that he wants it all and to run everything? I went to a private school, I shot down my first passion of being a choreographer. Robin: You change their storylines, you'd ruin him. We have to rehearse, we're live, and have such a passion for the business. That could be part of the attraction, especially when your father's a billionaire. When I was born, he was with my pregnant mom in towtruck on his way to declare bankruptcy. Stephanie said that Triple H "had to" get permission from Vince Mc Mahon before dating her, and admitted that it was taboo.Read: Chyna Talks Confronting Stephanie Mc Mahon About Triple H Affair, Vince Mc Mahon's Reaction & More "My father knew my husband long before I ever did.

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