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That is for them to decide.”He added: “But we cannot in good conscience do nothing and say nothing when we see the hope of peace slipping away.” “The United States did not draft or originate this resolution, nor did we put it forward,” he said. John Kerry pointed out that similar resolutions had been passed by the UN Security Council since 1967. The secretary of state accused the Palestinian leadership of not doing enough to criticize terrorism against Israel. It’s an apparent response to criticism that President Obama is somehow anti-Israeli. But in terms of actual proposals to jump-start the moribund peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, Kerry had little new to offer: He called for two states living side by side with Jerusalem as the capital for both (Israel claims the entire city as its eternal undivided capital while Palestinians want East Jerusalem as a future capital), security for both sides, as well as normalized relations. As the president-elect tweeted this morning before Kerry’s speech: John Kerry acknowledged that the incoming Trump administration has a different view of settlements and Jerusalem, and, he said, it’s likely it will “take a different path. has always maintained that settlement activity is inconsistent with international law.“It does not break new ground,” he said. commitment to Israel, noting that the Obama administration has done more for Israel’s security than any previous American administration.“No American president has done more for Israeli security than Barack Obama’s,” he said.Vanunu has been characterized internationally as a whistleblower Vanunu was born in Marrakesh, Morocco, to an Orthodox Jewish family.The family lived in the city's Mellah, or Jewish quarter.The cyberattack, which is believed to have been coordinated by members of Hamas, has been successfully using fake profiles of attractive women to get spyware onto Israeli soldiers’ devices.

Secretary of State John Kerry will outline Wednesday the U. vision of peace between Israel and the Palestinians, just days after the U. abstained from a UN Security Council vote that criticized Israel’s settlement activities in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. John Kerry says the two-state solution is imperiled and in a “one-state solution Israel will not be able to be both Jewish and democratic.” He called Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government “the most right wing in Israeli history.”The “policies of this government .. He says that’s the only way to secure Israel’s future as a Jewish, democratic state, Palestinian freedom and dignity, as well as U. interests.“Friends need to tell each other the hard truths,” he said.

In just under 3 months, I think I accomplished all of these to some extent, as well as learned new perspectives on religion and politics, and experienced entirely new and delicious foods.

In addition, I somewhat unexpectedly gained insight into what it means to be Jewish, discovering that the word Jewish takes on numerous meanings and connotations in Israel.

Even though, right now, solutions seem just as far away as they ever have.

Being outside of the United States, regardless where, is invaluable for someone like me who wants to help facilitate positive change in the world.

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