Anniversary dating gift idea romantic

Perhaps you’re still paying off your wedding while you are searching for a first anniversary gift–that doesn’t mean you should skip the occasion.

Your marriage is in its infancy and the groundwork you both lay now will help solidify a happy and successful commitment.

That’s in part why paper has been the traditional gift for the first anniversary for well over 100 years.

It is decorated with butterflies and lotus blossoms and would be a treasured anniversary gift. There are lots more handcrafted ceramic gift ideas available here...Alternatively there is also the gemstone list and here your 18th anniversary is celebrated with Chrysoprase.Plus on some gift list there is also feathers and yes we have a gift idea for that too ....Then, simply write in all the reasons why you love your sweetheart.You could even make it look extra festive with these metallic markers and the ever popular glitter glue because who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle!

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Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a I saw an ad for love book and figured I'd check it out as an anniversary gift for my girlfriend. It was so wonderful to write our love story in a book.

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