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When there are only a few kids in the group, how does it affect the group when two of them start dating each other?On the one hand, students in the youth group dating each other is a positive thing.Youth Ministry Lessons: Homeless often take shelter in the most random of places as they seek out secluded areas to find some rest and relaxation.Around the beginning of February, youth pastors are scrambling and asking each other, "What should I put in my sex and relationships talk? "A lot of material focuses on playing it safe and goes way too shallow.

I met a drunk girl on the streets of my hometown one day while out with a friend. She said, "I've had sex with a lot of people - but I've never made love with anyone." She had decided... There is no such thing as "friends with benefits."The thing is... You'd never compare it to someone who broke their arm once. People who are raped or molested experience physical pain, psychological pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. One of my youth told me a story about a girl who (Before I came to this church) asked, "Where in the Bible does it say that people can't have sex until marriage?

Recently a moose in Sweden was found hanging in an apple tree, drunk from the fermented apples he couldn’t stay away from.

Youth Ministry Lessons: Since the recession hit the United States, there have been few positives.

It can be such a confusing time with lots of pressure and mixed emotions.

Here’s some advice I have that usually comes up during a discussion with a student about their dating relationships.

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