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1) SELECT * FROM TABLE1 WHERE COL1 IS NULL Execute this query and then check if you are able to read any records. 2) SELECT COUNT(COL1) FROM TABLE1 WHERE COL1 IS NULL Read the count which is returned to determine if there are any null records Working with Oracle10g and SQLServer2005.CREATE TABLE testnulls (ID INT) INSERT INTO testnulls VALUES (1) INSERT INTO testnulls VALUES (2) INSERT INTO testnulls VALUES (null) SELECT count(*) FROM testnulls WHERE ID IS NULL --1 SELECT count(ID) FROM testnulls WHERE ID IS NULL --0 That statement is misleading, however.It has to read all rows until it finds one with the missing column value. If there is no such row, it will read the whole table.Specifying only COL1 will not have too much impact, at least on Oracle, where (regular B-Tree) indices cannot be used to find NULL values.Below is the matrix just to understand the supported methods by different databases.The TRIM function in SQL is used to remove specified prefix or suffix from a string.To compare something against NULL you need to use the special operators IS NULL or IS NOT NULL which are there for precisely this purpose.Thus, instead of writing In the case you've given you also have the option of using the NVL built-in function.

Syntax: If expr1 contains a NULL value, then return expr3.

Examples: NULLIF(‘A’,’B’) results in A NULLIF(‘A’,’A’) results in NULL NULLIF(2,3) results in 2 NULLIF(2,2) results in NULL NULLIF(‘2’,2) results in an error NULLIF(2,’2’) results in an error Syntax: The coalesce function returns the first non-NULL value of the expressions in the list. If all expressions evaluate to NULL then NULL is returned.

Examples: COALESCE(‘A’,’B’,’C’) results in A COALESCE(NULL,’B’,’C’) results in B COALESCE(NULL, NULL,’C’) results in C COALESCE(NULL,’B’, NULL) results in B COALESCE(‘A’) results in an error Syntax: The LNNVL function is used in the WHERE clause of an SQL statement when one of the operands may contain a NULL value.

NVL takes two arguments, the first being a variable and the second being a value (constant or computed).

NVL looks at its first argument and, if it finds that the first argument is NULL, returns the second argument.

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If the value of expr1 contains a non-NULL value, then return expr2.

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