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They fit what’s going on now.” the Protocols called for Jewish control of the press and media, hegemony over international banking, creation of a Jewish academic class, and the manipulation of the political process.

The Adobe Acrobat Viewer (free from Adobe) allows you to view and print PDF documents. County of Loudoun 08/24/2017 Upon review of an airport-based "duty free" seller's challenge to a county's imposition of a Business, Professional, and Occupational License tax on a substantial portion of its sales made to departing passengers as they board flights bound for destinations outside the United States the Import-Export Clause of the Constitution of the United States, Article I, 10, cl.

For example: The Grantor can name a relative as the party responsible to direct the Trustee about the types of investments to be made, or the amounts to be distributed to some or all the beneficiaries where the amounts are discretionary, or what assets of the trust should be sold.

The designated relative would then become a fiduciary to the trust.

Here he established in 1889 his Zionist group, “Sons Of Moses,” where he adopted the pen name, Achad Ha’am, meaning “one of the people.” It was to the “Sons of Moses” that Ginzberg, (aka Achad Ha’am), delivered his “protocols” for the annihilation of Christian culture and the ascendancy of Jewish domination.

The Jews, of course, deny the authenticity of the Protocols, claiming that it is a “forgery.” Challenging this denial, Henry Ford stopped all Jewish mouths for all time when he stated: “The Protocols are too terribly real for fiction, too well-sustained for speculation, too deep in its knowledge of the secret springs of life for forgery.

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